No matter if you prefer sporty and fast or slower paced so that you can enjoy the view, when you are cross country skiing you can decide yourself which pace is the best for you. On the 27 km long tracks through the snowy forests in Lech there are various loops you can choose - depending on how far and how challenging your lap should be. From Lech to Zug, from Zug to Älpele, the Spullerwald-loop track, or past the Alpe Tannläger, there are many enchanting variations.
In Zürs there is also a magnificent track, which you can comfortably reach with the blue local bus.
We are happy to help you plan your route.

Cross country skiing during your Auenhof HOLIDAY

You would like to try cross country skiing but did not bring any equipment? - Our guests can rent cross country skis and cross country boots free of cost in our ski shop.

Stop by our shop, we look forward to advise on your equipment in our ski shop!

Anita's favourite Track

The track starts opposite of the hotel. It leads you along the Lech river through snowy forests to Zug. From there I continue to Älpele. The first steeper bit is really worthwile as soon as you have passed the first ravine. Then the vally becomes wider again and the breath-taking mountain views that you get to enjoy from there impress me each time again. Due to the calm in this valley, you can hear the birds singing in spring and you can hear the snow crunch under your cross country skis. When you arrive at the Älpele, you can continue your route through Spullerwald or to the Alpe Tannläger. Alternatively you can take a little break at the restaurant Älpele, before you go back to Lech.