Experiencing nature: find a mushroom beneath a firtree, pick flowers and handcraft a flower crown, build a little stone man at the riverside of the Lech or pet one of the many cows carefully.
All of this and much more to look forward to during the summer time in Lech.

Little Adventures even for the Smallest

Exploring the nature, a wonderful experience, even for toddlers. In Lech, this is possible with the whole family. Enjoy easy hikes that are also suitable for a kids-buggy. Through one of the themed hikes, also the little ones can get to know flora and fauna. The playgrounds here are part of the nature and they do not fail to astonish tall and small hikers. Slackline – water games – rabbits and mini piglets to pet – slides, and many more.

Forest swimming pool

At the forest swimming pool with slide you can enjoy a wonderful day with the whole family. Therefore it is a popular place for families, but also a well-loved possibility to cool down after a day of hiking.

Once per week the forest swimming pool is also a part of the kids active program of the Lech Card. Then kids can try out diving in the pool.

kids Adventure program
and Family program

Big adventures and exciting
experiences are always
part of your holidays? - no problem!

We will be happy to assist you with the organisation. No matter if you would like to go on a canyoning tour, go climbing, try archery or a day of games and fun at the new forest swimming pool Lech, we are sure that it will be a lot of fun.

During the school holiday time these activities are included in the kid’s  adventure program that is offered with the Lech Card.