Our Auenhof Vitality Spa was designed and built as a place of rest, recovery and much needed relaxation. In addition to a wide selection of saunas und pools, you'll find delightfully warm waterbeds, a crushed ice well, a tropical rain shower, a cold fog shower and a heavenly relaxation room. Let yourself go, get in touch with yourself and breathe. Your holiday is here.


Enjoy your sauna like the Finns do it – with the romantic alpine sauna. Step into this uniquely rustic sauna experience. Lose yourself in the ambience and the nature-filled aroma of local highland wood. This infusion of natural scents stimulates your circulation and does wonders for your skin and respiratory system.


In the herbal sauna, delightfully radiant heat meets a mixture of herbal aromas. This combination soothes both body and soul. You should set aside 20-30 minutes for this gentle steam bath. There's also a Kneipp hose available should you need to cool yourself down during your steam bath.


The laconium is an age-old gift that still keeps up healthy to this day. At approx. 36 to 41 degrees Celsius, optimal conditions for relieving and building up the immune system are achieved. This is when your body's defences are optimally strengthened. Make the most of it.


The enchanting ambience of the brine aroma therapy steam bath awaits you – the ultimate bathing experience. With a relatively high level of humidity (over 80%), this steam room invites you to enjoy blissful relaxation. Especially with respiratory and rheumatic problems, a brine aroma therapy steam bath truly works wonders.

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