Even in the summer, Lech manages to keep its exclusive edge, simply due to its altitude at over 1,500 metres and its location within a stunning alpine world that puts even picture books to shame. This "treasure" is just waiting for you to discover it – step by step. Over 350 km of marked hiking trails lead you through a unique region with majestic peaks, flourishing alpine meadows, fragrant wood, rushing streams and clear mountain lakes.

Hiking for pleasure

Summit tour




Hiking for pleasure – enjoy unbelievable views, vibrant meadows and let us indulge you in one of our many alpine huts. We'd be more than happy to put together a suitable hiking route for you.


Easy route, approx. 3.5 hours
Take the hiking bus from Rüfiplatz to Hochkrumbach. Take your time to hike to lake Körbersee – after about 1 hour you can refresh your feet in the lake. Don’t forget to take a towel with you. Take a look around, we are sure the majestic mountain scenery around the lake will mesmerize you. Continue the hike on the small trail to Auenfeld. If you fancy another break, you can stop at Auenfelder Hütte for a glass of fresh milk. Afterwards you will pass Gaisbühlalpe on your way to Oberlech. Then take the hiking path via Rudalpe to get back to the Auenhof.

Lake Butzensee

Medium route, approx. 4 hours
Take the cable car to Oberlech and then the Petersboden chair lift. From the top station you hike through colourful, lush mountain meadows to Kriegeralpe, where you take the path on the right in direction to Göppinger hut. Enjoy the unique view over the Gypsum holes.
At the fork to Göppinger hut, a small hiking path will lead you to lake Butzensee. A bath in the cool water of the deep blue mountain lake will refresh you before you either take the same way back, or you choose the path via Mohnenfluhsattel for you way back.

Schindelhaus in Lech

Steffisalpe - Bürstegg - Bodenalpe

Easy route, approx. 2.5 hours
The hiking bus will stop in Warth, where you take the Steffisalp chair lift until you arrive a the start of your hike. You might see some marmots on your way up.  There is a small ascent before the path leads you downwards to Bürstegg with a wonderful view to Lech. On the way you can see many mountain herbs such as arnica, St. Johns wort and goldenrod. 
At Bürstegg, you can enjoy a cold refreshment at the old farmer's house. Our Tip: Have a look at the mountain church of Bürstegg, before you descend towards Bodenalpe. If you fancy a meal, we recommend their Vorarlberger cheese spätzle. Here you will also find the bus stop for your way back or you can take the Flühenweg back to Lech.


For those with high aspirations – experience an unforgettable moment and enjoy the light-heartedness of the mountain summit.

hasenfluh – 2534 M

Medium summit tour – approx. 4-6 hours
For the way up to Zürs you can take the local bus. The Seekopf chair lift will bring you up to Zürsersee. From there you pass the restaurant on the left, to the start of your hiking path. It will lead you over a sloping meadow uphill, further up between big boulders (make sure to follow the signs!) up to the rock face of the Hasenfluh. You pass through a short stepped channel before you will find a good path past some more boulders to the suppit. For daring hikers there is a very small ridge to the summit cross - however you can also enjoy the spectacular view from the plateau of the Hasenfluh summit. The view over Flexen pass with 800m and to Zürs is impressive.


Easy summit tour – approx. 2.5 to 3.5 hours
You hike up the Schlegelkopf, passing colourful mountain meadows to the Skyspace. Take the path on the left uphill to Petersboden, where you can enjoy stunning views while having a drink at the "Wolf" hut. Continue your way up to the impounding reservoir before you take the last ascent to the summit. You can enjoy marvellous views to the village and don't forget to put your name in the summit register.
Our tip for slower-paced hikers: Take the cable car to Oberlech and the Petersboden chair lift.



Intermediate summit tour – approx. 4-5 hours
Take the local bus to Oberlech. Your hike leads you past the Skyspace and the Gypsum holes to the Kriegeralpe. Take the broad path up to Mohnenfluh Sattel. Now an ascent follows, it meanders up to the summit peak. Look forward to magnificent mountain views at the mountain cross, on sunny days it is possible to even see lake Constance. On the way back you can take a break at the Kriegeralpe hut.
Our tip: Sunrise tour to the Mohnenfluh.


The peak of adventure – feel the nature, the rock under your hands and enjoy the freedom... Lech offers climbing tours for beginners as well as for experienced climbers – we'd be happy to organise a climbing guide for you.

Klettern in Lech


Easy route, perfect for beginners


Intermediate to advanced fixed-rope climbing route – approx. 4-5 hours
You'll have no problem reaching your starting point from the hotel thanks to the local bus and hiking bus. What's more, some cable cars are open even in the summer, which will certainly help your ascent.


Hiking – from the spring to the waterfall. We are a Lechweg partner hotel and will gladly help you organise your tour.

Lechweg - 1st Leg

Easy route, approx. 4 hours
Take the hiking bus up the last stop at Formarinsee. There, we recommend to walk down a little bit, so you can have a look at the crystal clear mountain lake, which is situatied in the middle of the Rote Wand massif. 
Afterwards, you pass the beginning of the Lech and the ibex statue and you start your hike through the idyllic Zuger valley. A diverse path leads you over bigger and smaller bridges alongside the river.
Later, you pass Gasthof Älpele, which is open for a little break. From there, the path leads you past the little village Zug and the golf course back to Lech.


Easy route, approx. 3.5 hours
The second part starts along the Flühenweg hiking path through luscious green montain meadows full of colourful summer flowers. Some parts of the path lead you through the forest or along the woodland edges, whigh wonderful views of the mountain peaks on the horizon and past some ravines. From time to time you can catch a view of the canyon and the Lech river.
Shortly before you arrive in Warth, you cross the river and there is also a beautiful place for a little break. Afterwards you can choos between the steeper sloping meadow and the easier forest path for the ascent to the walser village of Warth.